• So easy to mould and fit, actually transformed my riding,hardly ever ride with gloves anymore and can't even begin to explain how much they help with arm pump/fatigue! the grips fit your hand perfectly so you literally do not need to hold on so tight, it's so simple!

    Az Grant

  • I Heated the grips up a tad longer than stated, moulded with gloves on and got the perfect mould. These grips are fantastic without gloves a great pair of grips for summer riding. Would also make a super comfy grip for the commuter

    Matt Reeves

  • What more can I say than these grips and the nuts. So easy to mould and really easy to read instructions. And really comfy when out riding. Would recommend to anyone.

    Andy Payne

  • I'm 44 and been riding mtb for 20yrs + I suffered from arm pump due to having a "death grip" on my bars. I bought the imprint grips and not looked back. My arm pump has practically gone due to being able to still have control when loosening my grip. My confidence has grown and speed has increased. Even when I had a problem their customer service was fantastic. Well worth the gamble to try them.

    Andy Powell