How To Mould Imprint Grips

TMR Imprint Grips are the worlds only custom mouldable lock on grip for all types of straight handlebar bikes.
 These grips are a complete revolution in the way we hold onto our bikes. There are no more high pressure points, they offer complete contact for the rider and lend themselves perfectly to DH, XC, Trials, and Freeride mountain biking, Commuting, Touring, and leisure cyclists.

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Imprint Grips Instructions 1
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Please read these instructions carefully.  Cycling can be dangerous, before riding ensure that the function of the brakes and gears has not been restricted and that all functions of the bicycle can be used as normal. Make sure that protective equipment appropriate to the riding conditions is used at all times, this should include a Helmet and body armour as a minimum for off road cycling. 


Do not modify the grips. Any modification could lead to premature failure. 

This product is not compatible with Grip Shift.

Check the screws are torqued to the correct setting prior to every ride and always be sure to test for safe secure fitment before use.  The required torque settings may vary based on bar material and variations in bar diameter.  Do not use the grips if you are not able to get a secure fitment or grips are loose even when tightened to designated spec.

Only handlebars that have been approved by their manufacturer for use with clamp on grips should be used and can withstand the required clamping force.

Excessive torque on the screws may lead to the threads being stripped or damage the clamping mechanism.

Inspect the Imprint Grips for any sign of damage or fatigue prior to use and following any impacts.  If there are any signs of damage or fatigue do not use the grips and contact TMR Designs immediately.

Only use original ‘TMR Designs’ grip bolts as these have been specifically design and manufacture for the application.

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