Standard Imprint Grips - Magnesium Rubber, Silver Metal

Standard Imprint Grips - Custom Re-Mouldable Grips

CLEARANCE - These Grips are old stock that we are clearing out, they function exactly the same as our latest Imprint Grips but they have the original compound which is slightly harder than our current compound. Grab a bargain before these sell out!

Why not customise these Grips further with our Range of NEW Anodised Lock Rings.
These grips are custom moulded by you to perfectly fit your hands in less than 5 minutes. Complete contact means even pressure, maximum contact, control and durability. Say goodbye to Arm Pump.
  • Imprint Technology - Original Compound, available in Firm and Regular hardness.
  • High density polymer sleeve
  • Aircraft grade aluminium locking ring 3mm hex key stainless steel locking screw
  • TMR emblem high density polymer end cap
  • Single lock ring allows maximum usable bar width
  • Grip surface length 115mm
  • Overall grip length 134mm
  • Imprint Mesh with diamond pattern
  • Weight (Complete, Pair) – 110g (including lock rings, locking screws and end caps)

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